What are you doing with your life ?!

I was asked for my liberal studies class to show what I would bring to a prospective employer as far as awards I have won or my achievements – I wrote this instead since I didn’t have any awards to show for –

If I were to go to a new employer today, it seems I would have to bring my experience.  My experience that I would speak of would be how I started school in 2006, but at the same time I was hired for my current career.  For the next 11 years, I raised my children, worked at an extremely demanding career and never gave up my personal dream of finishing my degree.  The road has not been straight and without detours to say the least.  I quit, both school and job at times.  I tried many other avenues looking for what I believed would bring me peace.  I returned to work part time because I believed school and work to be too demanding for me not yet sure of how capable I really was.  I took multiple breaks from my career because it was emotionally taxing.  All of these experiences taught me truly that there is no “place to get to” there is “no place to arrive.”  The peace that I was seeking outside of me had always been with me, but I was searching in the wrong places.  This life, every day, truly is just a journey.  I may die today. I may have to drop out for unforeseen circumstances.   Would that mean that all of my years of trying to get this degree have been wasted?  Many might say yes.  Many would shake their head at what a life and money gone down the drain.  Many wonder why, at 44 years old, I continue to learn?  “You have a good career, why do you continue to do this?  Especially if you don’t intend on changing careers.  “

I do not stand with these beliefs.   Not one second of my life has been wasted.  Each day has been an adventure.  Each day I have encountered new people and new lessons.  When I started to look at each day this way and stayed present for what was that day instead of what I could be someday, my life changed.  When I looked the person in the eye who I was engaging with instead of wishing I was talking to someone else across the room, when I am fully engaged in what is happening right now, the sounds, the sights and the smells, I have the best life I’ve ever known.  This is where all of my experiences have brought me and this is what I started out searching for.