Bondage or Freedom

I was asked yesterday why I greet everyone I see. Why do I say hello and smile at them. The person I was with was taught to specifically NOT make eye contact and certainly do not engage. Wasn’t I afraid of being harmed ? … I’ve been thinking a lot about this since yesterday. I’ve been questioning if I am naive in times such as these when every day there’s torture and abuse to astounding degrees. I’ve been questioning if I’m being gullible and perhaps setting myself up as a target….My answer ? I’m not.  

 Furthermore, if I am ~ I guess it’s a risk I’m willing to take.  

This is the way I see it… I literally can’t afford to walk around afraid and suspect of the world. That kind of thinking eats me alive like a cancer. It robs me of joy and dries out my soul. I’m so much more peaceful believing every single person in this world has the exact same amount of love inside of them but sometimes it gets covered up by things … like fear, anger , abandonment, abuse …. that fear causes us to react in order to survive. I’m going to say this .. even Charles Manson and Jeff Dahmer – love, they were born with love. 
now this does mean I put myself in stupid situations- not for a second – I have a very acute sixth sense and I listen to it . I have intuition and gut feelings that direct me. Above all, I know that love responds to love … 

Fear breeds fear. Love breeds love. It’s the greatest fact of all time. 

Test out my theory.  

And what if I’m wrong .. what if this were my last post ever and tonight I was let’s say mugged, beaten and left to die in a park , would I take this post back and change my mind ? I pray not.  

I pray that I would ask for the willingness to forgive and understanding for those who hurt me. Compassion and understanding for their struggle that put them in that place. Im not saying it would be remotely easy, and I don’t even know I would achieve it , but I would die trying because to me , hate truly is too great a burden to bear.
A story by the Dalai Lama – “A monk who had been held captive and brutally tortured for years in an effort to force him to renounce his faith, was asked on his release if he had been afraid. He thought for a while, then smiled and said ~ Yes, I was afraid. Very afraid. I was afraid towards the end that I would lose compassion for those who tortured me”.