7 year itch 

Happy 7 year anniversary to my husband. Seven year itch you say? Meh. I think we would both agree the past year has been our best yet. Not because we got a long so perfectly and don’t struggle, not because we came into a ton of money, or we achieved great material things… Not because our kids are perfect, our jobs are perfect and our home is perfect ~
Truthfully we had a few material upsets the past year, truthfully we annoy each other daily, truthfully we take turns being selfish, truthfully we live in a humble home , truthfully we have both spent sleepless nights worrying about a child or two but it’s been our best year yet because we are both achieving clarity inside. We are learning more and more that we do not belong to the other. We are learning what it means that no human power can save us, including and (especially) one another. We are learning that faith on something bigger than us is the only way through. We are learning the art of sharing our fears, defects and selfishness every day and inviting God into our lives all day long to help us get it better. We are learning that if the other one walked away, we wouldn’t die. We may be sad, we may even be angry, but we wouldn’t die, and it wouldn’t even be about us. We are learning not to take anything personal. We are learning that if the grass looks greener, it’s totally because we have weeds in our own yard. If we hop the fence, we are sure to have brought our wagon full of delusions right with us. We are learning what it means that to truly love someone else, you have to accept and remember how much you are loved by God and once you realize that, you get to carry that outside of you and see it in others. And once you believe that, you get to let down your guard and let people be who they are. No matter how hormonal and irrational they can be or how loudly they chew their cereal. its been the best year yet…. soley because this is the year we surrendered the most. Happy Anniversary ❤️