We all have our weird- airport musing

So I’ve learned that we all have our weird. We all have our dysfunction, our beefs, our quirks, our issues. They just look different. Mine might look crazy, chaotic and loud where others might be more quiet and reserved.
Some weird may be in a mansion and a big fancy title and other weird might be in a run down house with no electricity and hand me down clothes. Perhaps the president of the United States, perhaps homeless.

We all have our weird.

We also all have our loved ones. I think we all look at others and think , ” I wish I had what they have”. “I’m a loser for not having that job, that car, that opportunity, those clothes .” But when you really get to be in it , when you really see it right in the middle, you want your own dysfunction and crazy. You miss your weird people. You miss the loudness and dysfunction of your own.
Because when it really comes down to it, to the core… We really are the same. We really are. We come from one source , and were all just branched out differently. No one is better or worse, just different. Just living our gifts in different ways. The smartest person in the room and the one who is judged for being dumb or uncool – All the same, all from the same maker… I love it when I remember that. Sigh.